Why Mondessa?

Biologische ingredienten Mondessa

A Focus on Solutions

We want to be part of the solution when it comes to building a sustainable future. Going organic is the best way forward to that future.

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Biologische ingredienten Mondessa

Personal Commitment

We are committed to providing personalized service to our customers, whether that’s processing our ingredients into finished products for you or repackaging for distribution.

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Biologische ingredienten Mondessa

The Passion of Youth and a Wealth of Experience

As a young and dynamic company, we’re not interested in doing things the old way, and we use our unique and diverse experiences to transform the way we think about food.

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Biologische ingredienten Mondessa import export

About Mondessa

We want an organic future not just for us, but for the entire world. Accessible distribution and pricing help make this happen. That’s why we source certified organic ingredients directly from the farmer from regions as near as Eastern Europe to as far as East Africa, Asia and South America. Our specialty is in the import and export of organic grains and seeds, but we are branching out.

Based in the sustainable food hub of Amsterdam, we distribute our organic products to customers within and outside of the EU between 24 and 96 hours, depending on the distance. We have partnered with local factories, retailers, and entrepreneurs to turn our products into something new. We can also deliver directly to you and have our products roasted, cleaned and broken to your liking.

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  • tailer made bio ingredients

    Tailor-made Organic ingredients

    We roast, clean and break for almost every application.

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  • Connect with Farmers

    Connect with Farmers

    We source our ingredients directly from farmers, providing a traceable and sustainable supply chain from farm to table.

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  • Fast and Reliable Deliveries

    Fast and Reliable Deliveries

    We deliver ingredients anywhere in the EU and beyond, with fast and flexible delivery times.

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