About Mondessa

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About Mondessa

Our vision is to create an organic future that benefits not only ourselves but the entire world. To achieve this, we prioritize accessible distribution and pricing. Our approach involves sourcing certified organic ingredients directly from farmers all over the world. Our expertise lies in importing and exporting organic grains and seeds, although we are constantly expanding our product range.

We ensure that our organic products reach customers both within and beyond the EU within 24 to 96 hours, depending on their location. Additionally, we offer the convenience of direct delivery and the option to customize our products to your preferences by roasting, cleaning, or breaking them to your liking.

Team Mondessa

Our Team

Our team knows all the ins and outs of organic food production. Whatever questions you ask, they’ll be more than happy to answer, with the confidence of extensive knowledge and experience.

Maarten Lamers and Floris van der Wijk founded Mondessa out of a deep passion for the international food industry, after gaining years of experience working for other companies.

Today, Mondessa is a trusted and knowledgeable partner, drawing on its extensive experience to maintain a diverse portfolio of reliable suppliers who provide only the highest quality ingredients.

Additionally, Mondessa values clear communication and works to maintain short lines of communication with clients, ensuring that all agreements made are fulfilled. With Mondessa as your partner, you can have confidence in the quality and reliability of your ingredients.

Certifications Mondessa


Mondessa is also for 2023/2024 SKAL and IFS Broker certified, so you can trust that we are in full compliance with the Dutch Agricultural Quality Act and the European organic regulation. We consider food safety a top priority and follow all European directives on organic food.

Company Values

Young and Flexible

Innovative and Getting things done

Quality and fair Pricing